SAVALME — this abbreviation is made up of the first letters of our designer's family.
When it all came together — the new brand name SAVALME appeared.
SAVALME means comfort and quality of our exclusive swimwear.
Why us ?
The things that make our brand SAVALME different are the beauty, comfort and quality of our exclusive swimwear.
SAVALME is all about style and esthetics.
All our products are handcrafted from high-quality premium Korean biflex fabric.
Our brand was established by Albina Sallum — a gorgeous lady who has made fashion her lifetime interest and passion. Almost all of her entire wardrobe she has designed and made herself. She has always enjoyed travelling and every time she went somewhere she would face the same problem — how to find swimwear which would combine quality, fit, esthetics and beauty, all in one?
Founder Designer

Every beautiful woman who tries our swimwear made by SAVALME BRAND will look and feel gorgeous, striking and luxurious! Female beauty is our main source of inspiration. We were made to make our clients smile and experience unforgettable emotions. Our whole DNA is combined of bright colours and tints and is aimed to create such models of swimwear which you won't find nowhere else in Russia.

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All of our products are handcrafted. They are manufactured by skilled professionals only. All kinds of swimwear and bands are made of high-quality premium Korean biflex fabric. This fabric is manufactured with added lycra, nylon, microfiber and lurex fabrics. This is why the material our products are made of is always bright, smooth, elastic and beautiful. With proper maintenance our swimwear will serve you well for many years.
Another interesting feature which makes SAVALME brand stand out is the assortment of high-quality gorgeous hair-bands. These products help women create a complete image being truly handy while swimming. Each lady has an opportunity to manager her hair in a smart and, more importantly, beautiful way so that it wouldn't bother her in the water.

Fashion doesn't only have to make women beautiful, but it also has to make them more relaxed and self-confident.
Yves Saint Laurent, creator of the Saint Laurent fashion House
Something beautiful can be comfortable as well!
All of our products are made of high-quality premium Korean biflex fabric which lasts long, doesn't fray nor loses its colour! Such fabric is easy to maintain. Our swimwear can perfectly outline and highlight your natural body curves, your shape and your individuality!
Our brand doesn't only manufacture swimwear, it creates a certain lifestyle and unique philosophy. It is not about hanging out on the beach, it is all about luxurious and gorgeous image.
All products are primarily exclusive.
As Giorgio Armani said: "To be elegant does not mean to be conspicuous, it means to be etched into the memory." This is just about our brand.
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